QuizTarget AI Review: Unlock sales Explosions in 3 clicks

As per recent research, 63% of Marketers and Businesses say that generating leads is their biggest challenge. Furthermore, a staggering 79% of generated leads never convert to sales due to incorrect product pitching. The average opt-in rates are also witnessing a steady decline.

But fear not! Say hello to the game-changer that will transform your lead generation efforts and skyrocket your sales: Quiz Target AI.

This revolutionary platform is the world’s first A.I.-powered Quiz, Survey, and Poll Builder with interactive video and lead generation technology.

With Quiz Target AI, you can engage your target audience like never before. Capture their attention and pitch them the most suitable product offers, each time, every time. Transform your website into a lead generating and money-printing machine, all with just a few clicks.

But why are quizzes so effective? According to CMI research, quizzes have proven to be highly engaging for early-stage buyers, leading them to take action and make purchases. In fact, the average quiz boasts an impressive 78% opt-in rate and is shared nearly 2,000 times! It’s no wonder that 82% of people engage with quizzes they see in their newsfeed. The demand for interactive content, such as quizzes, is only set to grow, according to Forbes.

QuizTarget AI empowers you to tap into this growing trend and leverage its power to skyrocket your sales overnight.

No more relying on outdated lead generation methods. Bid farewell to dull opt-in forms, welcome mats, and popups that fail to capture your audience’s attention.

QuizTarget AI is here to revolutionize your lead generation strategy and pave the way for unprecedented sales success.

QuizTarget AI Review: What is QuizTarget AI?

QuizTarget AI, the world’s first A.I. powered quiz, survey and poll builder with interactive video and lead gen technology. This amazing tool will help you skyrocket your sales overnight for any niche in just 3 clicks.

QuizTarget AI is a platform that can transform any text, document, or URL into an interactive quiz with ease. It is powered by artificial intelligence that can generate different types of questions and answers, such as multiple choice, true or false, short answer, and fill-in-the-blank.

QuizTarget AI can also create quizzes and flashcards from YouTube videos, and embed them in your own website, blog, or learning management system.

QuizTarget AI can help you increase your sales, engage your audience, and generate leads and conversions for your online business1.

QuizTarget AI also offers a Chrome extension that allows you to create quizzes and flashcards in a single click1. You can export your quizzes in various formats, such as text, csv, and Aiken1.

QuizTarget AI can also grade short answer questions and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement1. You can also see how your employees or students are performing with smart analytics reports1.

QuizTarget AI is loved by over 400 customers and has been featured on LinkedIn2. It claims to be the world’s first A.I. powered quiz, survey and poll builder with interactive video and lead gen technology.

Well, now let’s move to the next section of  QuizTarget AI  Review, where i will show you it’s complete product overview & features details.


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Quiz Target AI Review: [Complete Product Overview]

VidJack Review

Creator Harshal and Vishal
Product Quiz Target AI
Launch Date 2023-Jun-04
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Official website CLICK HERE
Front-End Price $17-27
Bonuses Yes, Huge Software Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Niche Sales software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

Above is the Complete Overview of  Quiz Target AI and I mentioned the creator name, the launch date of the product, and the Front End price details.

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Founders Of Quiz Target AI 

profile                                          profile

Harshal Jadhav                                                 Vishal Kangana

QuizTarget AI is founded by famous Internet marketers Harshad Jadhav and Vishal Kangana ;  one of the most innovative marketers of the decade.

What I respect the most about them  is that Harshad Jadhav and Vishal Kangana consistently hits up unique, creative ideas.They have large number of successful products like VidRepurposer($133,000),LeadLock($116000),

Social vidio($106000),ViDScratch($136000) etc.

Check below the sales history of Harshad Jadhav and Vishal Kangana


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QuizTarget Ai Review:  Start In Easy 3 Clicks

It’s So Easy To Get Started. Follow Just 3 Easy Steps – And Your Lead Generation Quiz Campaign Goes Live…

  • STEP 1: Choose a template.



STEP 2: Customize it.



  • STEP 3: Share it.
  • funnel

Supercharge Your Business with QuizTarget AI: Drive Engagement, Capture Leads, and Boost Sales!

Imagine the possibilities as people flock to take your interactive quiz, eagerly providing their emails, making purchases, and even sharing your quiz with their friends. The second half of 2020 could be your best four months ever!

Could it be a viral personality quiz that takes over Facebook’s newsfeeds, generating a flood of leads back to your website or blog? Or perhaps an epic lead capture quiz that transforms your nonexistent list into a hyper-targeted community of engaged fans and customers? With QuizTarget AI’s affiliate quizzes, you can even multiply your profits by selling multiple products through a single quiz!

Just picture the incredible potential of building an entirely new client list of marketers and entrepreneurs hungry for you to create their next explosive quiz. The opportunities are boundless.

But remember, time is of the essence. Act swiftly and don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Don’t kick yourself by waiting and watching others reap the rewards. Take action now and discover the immense power of QuizTarget AI.

Unlock the door to success, seize the moment, and make the second half of 2020 your most extraordinary period yet. Don’t delay—check it out now!


 QuizTarget AI Review: What Features You will get?

Boost Your Quiz Campaign Success with QuizTarget AI: Unleash Powerful Features for Lead Generation

  1. Drag-n-Drop Quiz Builder: Create captivating Lead Gen Quizzes effortlessly using our intuitive Drag-n-Drop editor. Customize quizzes with engaging elements like images, frames, music, stickers, emoji, CTAs, and more in just a few minutes.
  2. Versatile Quiz Types: QuizTarget AI offers complete freedom to create any type of Quiz campaign that suits your needs. Build Personality Quizzes, True or False Quizzes, Open-Ended Quizzes, Multiple Choice Quizzes, Polls, and more.
  3. Multiple Quiz Formats (Video, Audio, Text, Image Quizzes): Experience a variety of never-before-seen quiz formats such as Text Quizzes, Image Quizzes, Audio Quizzes, and Video Quizzes. Choose the format that best aligns with your objectives and capture unlimited leads in no time.
  4. Segment Leads with Logic Branching: Provide a personalized experience to quiz takers by showing them specific questions, opt-in forms, or results based on their answers. Build highly focused and profitable prospect lists using logic branching.
  5. Custom Quiz Placements: Showcase your quiz anywhere on your website or at any event using various options like time delay, pop-out, scroll, leave intent, and more. Seamlessly embed quizzes using responsive embed technology on any website or page builder.
  6. DFY Quiz Campaigns: Utilize high-converting DFY Quiz Campaigns designed for a range of local niches. Choose from our assortment of niches, easily customize the quiz campaign to fit your needs, and publish it hassle-free.
  7. Quiz Funnel Designer (Mindmap Designer): Design quiz funnel journeys effortlessly using the Drag-and-Drop Mindmap designer. Visualize the quiz flow and understand how your customers will navigate the quiz campaign. Save highly profitable quiz mindmaps for future use.
  8. Build Custom Audience inside FB, Google & More: Integrate Facebook, Google, or other remarketing pixels with QuizTarget AI to build custom audiences. Every quiz user event gets recorded, allowing you to retarget each user through remarketing campaigns and pitch the most suitable product or offer.
  9. QuizTarget AI Hosted URLs: Benefit from self-hosted campaign URLs generated by QuizTarget AI. No need for landing page development or coding. Promote your quiz campaign directly on social media platforms or embed it on your website. Share quiz campaign URLs with your email list to segment them and boost conversions.
  10. Top Autoresponder Integrations: Seamlessly capture leads and push them to your favorite autoresponders. QuizTarget AI supports 24 integrations, an unmatched feature in any app. Our development team is always ready to integrate new autoresponders based on user requests.
  11. Commercial License Included: Unlock the ability to create professional quizzes for your clients. Charge per lead sent or offer quiz creation as a service, opening up new revenue streams.

Experience the power of QuizTarget AI and witness your quiz campaign soar to new heights. Drive engagement, capture leads, and boost your conversions like never before. Don’t miss out—get started today!

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QuizTarget AI Review: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is QuizTarget AI beginner-friendly? Yes, QuizTarget AI is designed to be user-friendly for beginners. You don’t need any technical or design skills to use it. Even if you’re a newbie, you can create your first Quiz Campaign in just a few clicks within 5 minutes. Additionally, they provide a tutorial video to help you set up your first Quiz Campaign.
  2. How can I create the right questions and frame quizzes using QuizTarget AI? QuizTarget AI offers Done-For-You Quiz Campaigns that you can select from the dashboard. Simply choose the most suitable Quiz Campaign, customize it according to your needs, and publish it instantly. If you prefer to create quizzes from scratch, they also provide a step-by-step training guide exclusively with the Commercial License. This guide will help you ask the right questions to engage your target audience.
  3. Do you offer support and training? Yes, QuizTarget AI provides full support and training. You can find their support link at the bottom of the page, and their team is available 24/7 to assist you.
  4. Does QuizTarget AI work on MacOS or Windows OS? QuizTarget AI is a cloud-based SaaS app, so there’s no need for installation. Simply login to your online QuizTarget AI account and start working regardless of whether you’re using MacOS or Windows OS.
  5. Does QuizTarget AI work on any website and in any niche? Yes, QuizTarget AI works on all websites, including WordPress, PHP, and others. You can easily share your Quiz URL on social media platforms to drive viral traffic and leads. It is also suitable for any niche, whether it’s E-Commerce, Health and Fitness, Local Business, Automobile, Digital Marketing Services, Education and Training, Video Marketers, and many more.
  6. How is QuizTarget AI better than other lead generation tools? QuizTarget AI offers an advanced Quiz Logic Branching feature, allowing you to offer the most suitable products or promotional schemes to your Quiz takers based on their responses. It also enables you to segment your audience based on their answers. In addition to these powerful features, QuizTarget AI is available for a one-time price, without any monthly fees, making it a cost-effective solution compared to other tools in the market.
Instant Access




QuizTarget Ai Basic & Commercial ($17-20)

Create lead & traffic generation quizzes with the world’s most powerful and affordable quiz builder. Start with DFY campaigns or from scratch. Access 10+ themes, comes with the easy-to-use quiz mindmap designer which helps in visualizing quiz flow from a birds-eye view to plan user journeys. Plus, loaded with tons of quiz engagement booster elements like videos, images, gifs, emojis, and much more.

Plus, features like multiple quiz formats (multiple choice questions, true or false, open-ended, fill in the blank, etc.) millions of assets are available with integrations such as Pixels, Pixabay, YouZign, and more. Add any video to quizzes from any source such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Amazon S3, and more… Users also get Commercial Rights let users sell lead gen quiz campaigns to their customers.

OTO 1:

QuizTarget Pro & Pro-lite ($37-27)

PRO edition of QuizTarget. Create unlimited Quiz Campaigns, Unlimited Website License packs, and Unlimited Lead Collection.

Plus it includes additional features like adding Music to your Quiz Templates, A/B Testing, Auto-Scheduling, Adding Facebook & Google Tracking Codes, Building a Custom Audience Bucket, Zapier Integration, and much more. It’s also laced with value-added bonuses like Leadlock Pro, My Convert Lab, and Sticky CTA Button Suite.

This upgrade and these exclusive bonuses will help your subscribers get more leads and conversions.

Under the QuizTarget Pro-lite pack users will get fewer features and they won’t get above mentioned bonuses. It comes with 100 campaign creations and only 10 additional templates – best for those who can manage their show with less!  


QuizTarget Agency Pro & Pro-lite ($47-37)

Users can offer Lead Generation and Quiz Maker services to their clients using QuizTarget Agency License. Users will get a 100% Done-For-You Agency Business setup, which includes DFY Website with Paypal checkout, DFY Website Setup, Facebook and Google Ads Suite, Email Swipes, and many other items worth $8,747. Users will also get access to amazing QuizTarget Agency features like Team Member Access, Unlimited Client Logins, Share Quiz Funnels and Campaigns, and many other powerful features. They will also get our secret Lead Finder Tool and Client Appointment Scheduling App

Whereas under QuizTarget Agency Pro-lite pack users will get lesser features. It does not include Done-For-You Agency Business Setup items. It is suitable for those who can manage their agency business with fewer features.  


OTO 3: 

QuizTarget Pro Reseller & Pro-lite Reseller License ($127-97)

Users will get QuizTarget Reseller License rights. It’s their chance to make money and make 100% profit by reselling QuizTarget. They get to keep 100% of every sale they make. The quizTarget team will provide all the support needed for reselling QuizTarget. We’ll even manage their customer support. We’ll provide all the promotional material such as sales pages, sales videos, email swipes, banners, etc. to help them promote and sell QuizTarget. We are offering 2 pricing plans, Pro & Pro-lite.  Under the Pro license, users will get to sell unlimited QuizTarget accounts and keep 100% of each sell they bring. Under the Pro-lite license, users will get to sell only 200 QuizTarget accounts. 


OTO 4: 

QuizTarget DFY Club ($27)

This pack gives users 1 Done-For-You Quiz Campaign and 1 Template each month. Each user gets to suggest one new template design to the QuizTarget team each month. This will be provided for the next 12 months.


OTO 5:

Masterclass ($97)

Full-fledged training series on how to use QuizTarget A.I. to its full potential and how to generate massive leads and sales using ChatGPT A.I. Plus, you’ll learn how to drive traffic to your Quizzes. Training will be updated periodically and users will get all-time access. 

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Final Verdict on QuizTarget AI Review

As you know guys here my detailed QuizTarget  AI review is concluded & thank you so much for checking the honest review till the end.

I hope the above information is enough to decide whether QuizTarget AI is worth buying for you or not, So take your decision now (You are secured with a 30days refund policy)

QuizTarget AI, the world’s first A.I. powered quiz, survey and poll builder with interactive video and lead gen technology. This amazing tool will help you skyrocket your sales overnight for any niche in just 3 clicks.

So, Hurry! Grab QuizTarget AI With a $3 Discount + My High-Quality Premium Bonuses (Click the Special Link)

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QuizTarget Bonus #2: Reseller Rights to Reddule

An all-in-one app that gets easy traffic, video views, leads, and sales hands-free using the viral power of Reddit.


witchflow bonus

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LeadGate Pro locks the content your viewers want to see, making them take action to unlock!

Bonus 2: WP Lockdown White Label ($97 Value)

Bonus 2 (1)


– The “WP Lockdown” plugin will take password protected pages to a whole new level.

– This plugin is only limited by your imagination so we hope you enjoy it.

– You can now do things like setup a free course, advertise it on your site and display a list of page titles in a dropdown menu, but none of them are accessible until your visitor becomes a subscriber.

Bonus 3: Auto Post Wiz White Label ($97 Value)

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Manage your blog postings using this plugin. This software is for anyone who wants to take their lead generation efforts to the next level and build a profitable business.

Here is what it can do:

  • -Connection to unlimited lists
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  • -One-click install
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  • -No cost monthly charges
  • -User guide and video demo
  • -Capture New Subscribers And so much more


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Artificial Intelligence Logo Creator ($67 Value)

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Bonus 11: WP Review Me Plugin

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Bonus #12 Instagram Monetization Checklist

Bonus #13 Youtube Authority Video Upgrade
Bonus #14 WP Video Commission Plugin
Bonus #15 How To Build Your Brand With Instagram Images!
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Bonus #16 Chatbot Marketing Mastery

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Facebook Marketing Unleashed

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With this video guide you will learn everything that you need to know to properly assess niche ideas for their viability and how to drive targeted traffic to your niche website. There are niche websites being sold every day for large amounts of money. These websites are generating regular income and have a good following.

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Step 2: You will receive the Bonuses Automatically Through Email





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